Cakephp setup in dreamhost

Posted on   13-03-2016 18:54 by admin

composer setup


Difference between RTMP and HLS Streaming

Posted on   19-02-2013 11:12 by admin

RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) is a system for delivering on-demand and live media to Adobe Flash applications (like the JW Player). RTMP supports video in FLV and H.264 (MP4/MOV/F4V) formats and audio in MP3 and AAC (M4A) formats. RTMP offers several advantages over regular HTTP video downloads:


How to make Windows system fast

Posted on   29-08-2012 09:25 by admin

Close all the application and browser opened before performing following action.
Click on windows start - run - type %temp% - enter
Delete all the files in the opened folder


JS how to get time zone

Posted on   01-07-2012 05:48 by admin

javascript:alert(new Date().getTimezoneOffset() / 60 * -1);


Google map API for geolocation

Posted on   20-06-2012 11:47 by admin,55&sensor=true


Opening a url from command prompt

Posted on   07-02-2012 05:56 by admin

open the command prompt 


Objective C - Date formate (hours ago, min ago)

Posted on   24-01-2012 12:23 by admin

iPhone: Convert date string to a relative time stamp

Given date should be converted to years, months, hours, min ago type


PHP and Ruby Syntax Quick Reference

Posted on   09-10-2011 11:15 by admin

PHP syntax :

Ruby : <% %>

PHP Comments : // /* */
Ruby Comments : # this is single line comment
this is multi line comment
this is the se ond line


Adding Bookmark Field in MS Word

Posted on   16-10-2011 10:38 by admin

Adding bookmark field in MSWord 2010
1. Open a document
2. select the place to enter the field


How I setup this website

Posted on   04-10-2011 17:24 by admin

I started with reading Ruby on Rails for company requirement. I was really amazed the way I could build a simple web sites with some few commands. Then I started getting serious about building my own website using ROR...


Capistrano Deployment in Dream Host

Posted on   09-10-2011 11:19 by admin

After wasting an entire Saturday leafing through old, unhelpful forum posts and trying to get a fresh Rails site deployed and running DreamHost without success I finally figured out my problem:


How I setup Git in DreamHost

Posted on   09-10-2011 11:04 by admin

Server side
1. SSH to DreamHost Server
2. Choose a appropriate root to create the repo folder
when you ssh u will be by default under this directory
eg - /home/USERNAME/
3. Create a folder gitr


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